Best of the West Nomination Form
Best of the West Employee Nomination Form

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  • Tips to Using Nomination Form

    Tips to Using Nomination Form

    This form attempts to automate data entry as much as possible. In order to simplify this form, enter valid and active UWG e-mail address into the specified e-mail fields, and the form will automatically complete the corresponding fields.

    Once you successfully enter your e-mail, the nominee's email, the supervisor e-mail (if known), and if you are in the same division as the person you are nominating, you will need to select either "Values" or "Strategic Imperative" as your Nomination Type otherwise, "Cross-Divisional" will be automatically selected for you.

    Once the Nomination Type is selected, the appropriate selections will appear on the page, along with an area for comments to support your nomination followed by the submit button.

    Please provide a specific description of the actions and behaviors demonstrated by the employee being nominated. Nominations are viewed holistically, therefore a more detailed comment can increase an employee's chances of being considered for an award.

  • If Form Does Not Accept UWG E-Mail Address

    When the Form Does Not Accept UWG E-Mail Address

    If the UWG E-mail address you enter is not accepted and you are positive you have entered it correctly, please do the following:

    1. Please contact the ITS ServiceDesk at,
    2. In the subject line of the e-mail please include the following: BOTW UWG E-Mail Address Not Accepted.
    3. In the content of the e-mail, let them know you are let them know the you are having problems submitting a Best of the West Nomination and
    4. PLEASE include the exact email address that you are having issues with, along with the name belonging to said e-mail address.
    5. The ITS ServiceDesk will check the status of the e-mail address in question and make corrections as needed.
    6. Once the ITS ServiceDesk has completed everything on their end, they will update you with the status of the email or corrections made to the address.

    If you are still having issues with the e-mail address or with the form, please contact your BOTW Admin at

Do you know the name of the nominee's supervisor?
Note: You may nominate any full-time or part-time benefited UWG employee, even if you do not know their supervisor's name or their email. Just input your UWG email address and their UWG email address, it should look similar to this "" as the "Your E-mail" and "Nominee E-Mail" fields respectively. This form attempts to automate as much data entry as possible on the front end prior to submittal. If not known or not available, the information is manually looked up and input by each division's award coordinator.
Which Value(s) Did This Employee/Department Demonstrate?
The value of achievement is evident in our commitment to the academic and social success of our students, staff, and faculty.
The value of caring is evident in our consistent concern and regard for our students, staff, and faculty as well as the larger communities where we live and whom we serve.
The value of collaboration is evident in our commitment to shared governance, teamwork, and a cooperative spirit that shape our interactions with students, staff, and faculty, and the communities we serve.
The value of inclusiveness is evident in our commitment to celebrating our diversity, our collaborative spirit, and creating a welcoming campus that is emotionally and physically safe for all.
The value of innovation is evident in our commitment to fostering a learning atmosphere in which new methods and ideas consistent with our vision and mission are respected and rewarded.
The value of integrity is evident in our commitment to rigorous ethical standards in our classrooms and offices, in our conduct toward each other, and in service to our communities.
The value of sustainability is evident in our obligation to maintaining ecological balance in our planning and operations that make possible for future generations the same or better quality of opportunities for success available to present employees and students.
The value of wisdom is evident in our commitment to teaching and learning that emphasizes knowledge for the purpose of positively transforming the lives of our employees and students, as well as improving the world in which we live.
Strategic Imperative
Which Strategic Imperative did this Employee Demonstrate?
Enhanced Learning, Access, Progression and Development
Academic Programming and Faculty Support
Building Engaging, Mutually Beneficial Collaborations
Effectiveness and Sustainability
Explanation of Nomination

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