Beheruz N. Sethna Diversity Champion Nomination Form

Beheruz N. Sethna Diversity Champion Nomination Form

Best of the West Diversity Nomination Form

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  • Tips to Using Nomination Form
    Tips to Using Nomination Form

    This form attempts to automate data entry as much as possible. In order to simplify this form, enter a valid and active UWG e-mail address into the specified e-mail fields, and the form will automatically complete corresponding fields in the background.

    Once you successfully enter your e-mail address, the Nominee's e-mail address, the form will automatically provide the Nominee's as well as your, Name, Phone number, Department and Division.

    Please provide a specific description of the actions and behaviors demonstrated by the person being nominated. Nominations are viewed holistically, therefore a more detailed comment can increase a Nominee's chances of being considered for an award.

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    When the Form Does Not Accept UWG E-Mail Address

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Recognizes and honors the inherent value of Equity & Diversity and to celebrate the positive impact Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) has upon our community.


This person contributes to and enhances the environment of UWG through sustained commitment and intentional efforts to improve opportunities for the diverse communities we serve. This award is aimed at an individual, whose achievement is not part of their normal day job, but who demonstrates ability to influence others to embrace D&I, innovates and/or take risks to promote D&I, cultivates diverse teams, holds themselves and others accountable for inclusiveness, and performs substantial work at UWG or in the community to promote D&I.


Employee must be full-time with at least six months employment and not under a performance improvement plan. Employees who are part-time or have been employed less than six months are eligible to nominate but are not eligible to be nominated.

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